Bariatric Counseling

Bariatric patients often continue to encounter psychological and emotional setbacks following surgery.  Patients who struggle with obesity and massive weight gain/loss often have an unhealthy relationship with food.  More specifically, they are prone to develop patterns of mindless eating.  

Bariatric counseling helps patients identify the thoughts, feelings, and triggers associated with eating mindlessly.  In addition to gaining a more sophisticated and global sense of self-awareness, bariatric patients learn to develop a healthier relationship with food.  Patients learn to appreciate the self-punitive nature of emotional eating and identify emotional eating triggers, learn more adaptive coping skills to deal with strong negative emotions, and better understand the role of hunger and satiety in weight management.    


Dr. Hodges is one of the few clinical psychologists in north Texas trained to work in the field of bariatrics.  He is also a part of the non-surgical, medical weight loss program at New You Bariatric Center.

Looking for a Support Group?

Dr. Hodges leads the bariatric support group at New You Bariatric Center the first Monday of the month.